Juliana Nazare

Social Machines
Research Assistant
Cambridge, MA, USA
Juliana is a second-year PhD student in the Social Machines group working on the Playful Words team. Her particular interest is in family engagement and how we can build small community networks to encourage family co-engagement in the learning process. To explore this, Juliana works with others on the Playful Words team on a project to pilot small literacy learning networks with a third person in the loop, a family learning coach, who uses data analysis tools to translate children's learning moments to parents and provide ideas for short parent-child activities based on children's on-screen play.

Juliana received her BS in electrical and computer engineering from Olin College of Engineering and her master's from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Media Lab, where she focused on building tools to support family literacy programs and bilingual learners. Her past work before coming to the lab was in the field of adult education, creating curriculum and helping run an evening school that taught web design and computer science.