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Eko Nugroho

Eko is Kummara’s founder and CEO who believes that game is a powerful media that bring positive impact for the society. He also the lead game designer in Kummara and take a role as mentor for all game designer team. Eko also known by his capability of implementing game design approach in other field (gamification concept). One of his gamification approach known as the FINE (Fun, Interactive, Natural, and Engaging) approach for employee engagement has been implemented in several institution/corporation and provide a significant results.Eko is the initiator and the Lead mentor of Indonesia Board Game Challenge (with Kompas, a media company), a national wide game design competition that promote game design as new way of thinking and that game is new powerful media to spread good ideas. The board game challenge program has been selected as finalist for 2 categories at the Gamification World Award Barcelona 2015. Currently Eko serve asresearcher in residence at the Center for Research on Information & Communication Technology, Institute Technology Bandung. He also serve as guest lecturer, founding member, and a principal researcher at Bina Nusantara International University Gamelab, a special research group devoted to game research and help game industry in Indonesia fostering to the new level. He always excited to try and talk about games . If he start to talk about game, it's always better to provide him a glass of water - so when the water runs out he knows he need to stop talking (it's an official advice from his wife).