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YJ Kim

MIT Teaching Systems Lab
Research scienctist
Cambridge, MA
Dr. YJ Kim is a research scientist at MIT Teaching Systems Lab. Her work has centered on the topic of innovative assessment and how technological advancement influences what we are measuring about student learning and how we are measuring it. Before joining MIT, she was involved in many game- and simulation-based assessment development and evaluation projects using evidence-centered design in combination with educational data mining techniques. Her primary role at MIT has been leading the partnership with the Woodrow Wilson National Foundation to create a new teacher preparation program. She also leads the Playful Assessment Working Group (https://tsl.mit.edu/playfulassessment/), where she and her colleagues explore playful, authentic, yet rigorous assessment approaches in both digital and non-digital learning environments. The core of her work is close collaboration with practitioners---empowering teachers to innovate around classroom assessment and use playful and authentic assessment tools that can truly impact student learning.